Designer Perfume

Worth was one of the first haute couture fashion houses to create and market its own perfume.

This initiative was led by Jean Philippe. In 1920 ‘Dans la Nuit’ (In the Night) was launched and in 1924 the name Worth was trademarked as a producer of perfumes. In order to present their clients with the most delectable product, he commissioned the famous Parisian glass maker René Lalique to design the flacons.

Reflecting the name of the perfume it contained, Lalique designed a dreamy bottle of midnight-blue glass with transparent stars. Following on from the success of ‘Dans La Nuit’, Worth expanded their perfume portfolio to include `Vers le Jour’ (1925), ‘Sans Adieu’ (1929), ‘Je Reviens’ (1932) and ‘Vers Toi’ (1934). Read together these names convey a seductive, fragrant poem, `Dans La Nuit’ (In the Night); ‘Vers le Jour’ (Just before Dawn); ‘Sans Adieu’ (Without Goodbyes); ‘Je Reviens’ (I Come Back’); ‘Vers Toi’ (To You).

Mr Dilesh Mehta is CEO of Designer Parfums, which includes Worth’s perfumes. In recent years selected Worth perfumes, including Sans Adieu and Vers Toi have been re-launched, along with classics such as ‘Je Reviens’. They are in great demand from modern consumers today.